Why Are Annual Wellness Visits Important?

Why Are Annual Wellness Visits Important?

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What is an Annual Wellness Visit?

An Annual Wellness Visit is specific to each and every individual. It is not a physical examination, but rather an in-depth conversation between patient and doctor that includes discussions about your overall health history, a review of your personal immunizations and medications you are taking, and discussions about any health concerns you, the patient, may have. In addition, at your Annual Wellness Visit your doctor will give focus to any current health issues you have as well as any potential health issues you may have going forward and steps you can take to avoid them. At each Wellness Visit it is the goal of your physician to compile a complete personal and family health history and determine appropriate actions to be taken to prevent any future health problems from arising. An Annual Wellness Visit will vary from patient to patient since health issues, health concerns and personal needs are quite different.

Annual Wellness Visits are a free benefit offered by Medicare. All insurances cover wellness visits under the Affordable Care Act. Individuals that are enrolled in Medicare can schedule an Annual Wellness Visit without having to pay a copay. With that said, the team here at Riverside Medical Group strongly recommends that if you are 65 years of age or older, you take advantage of this specialized health benefit today.

The holiday season tends to add its own level of responsibilities and activities that require a commitment of not only money and time but that of emotional energy as well.  For many people holiday gatherings, though intended to be filled with happiness, joy and love, are simply a setting for those ugly political arguments, unpleasant conversations, and even family conflicts, all of which can weigh heavily on both your mental and physical health. 

Information You Should Bring to Your Wellness Visit

When attending your wellness visit, be sure to bring with you all the pertinent information listed below.

    • A complete list of all medications you take including any supplements or vitamins;
    • A copy of your personal immunization records including both pneumonia and flu shots; 
    • A list of all your various healthcare providers including doctors, physical therapists, pharmacists and home health aides; and
    • A list of any health questions or concerns you want to discuss with the doctor.


What You Can Expect at Your Annual Wellness Visit

Here at Riverside Medical Group we are committed to the overall health of our patients and to the prevention of illnesses or diseases long before they occur.  It is important for our patients to understand the role Annual Wellness Visits play in their overall health and in their lifespan. There are a number of actions taken during your Wellness Visit here at the Riverside Medical Group some of which include:

  • Necessary immunizations;
  • Cognitive impairment testing;
  • Discussions with regard to personal health goals and any health questions or concerns;
  • Providing health advice that is specific to your personal needs;
  • Ordering necessary blood work and any other forms of testing;
  • Reviewing and discussing both personal and family health histories – old and new; 
  • Setting up screenings needed in the upcoming year; and

Updating your medication, allergy and other health data.


The relationship you have with your doctor contributes greatly to your comfort level and your ability to discuss health issues and concerns openly.  At your Annual Wellness Visit it is important to discuss with your doctor your current health condition, any health concerns or questions you may have, and your overall health goals.  Together you and your doctor can design a personalized health plan for you to achieve those goals and maintain your health status in the year ahead. Patients need to understand that their doctors are truly their guides and partners in not only improving their health but in maintaining an ongoing good health status.

The Team You Can Trust

If you are looking to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit then look no further than the dedicated team of physicians here at Riverside Medical Group.  Our primary care providers include a team of dedicated internists (adult medical specialists) and pediatricians who are committed to providing only the highest quality medical care to all our valued patients.  The team here at Riverside Medical Group encourages you to take time out and schedule your Annual Wellness Visit today so that together we can work to improve and maintain your overall health and happiness year after year!