Preparing for the Transition from Hospital to Home with Your New Baby
Baby and mom

If you are like nearly every other mom to be you have spent a good deal of your pregnancy getting everything in place for the arrival of your new little one.  You have more than likely purchased a huge assortment of bibs, onesies and sleepers, stocked up on newborn diapers and have every single item in the nursery well in place and think surely you are prepared.  But are you really prepared? It is important to recognize that preparing mentally, physically and emotionally for the first couple of months with your newest family arrival is every bit as critical as having the nursery in order and enough diapers to get you through that first month. 

Breastfeeding Your Newborn

So many new moms and dads spend a great deal of time preparing for baby’s arrival, but fail to put enough of a plan in place for when they bring baby home from the hospital.  Understanding the benefits and how to’s of breastfeeding and how to properly care for your little newborn would certainly make that transition from hospital to home a whole lot easier. 

Here at the Riverside Medical Group our Prenatal specialists are on hand to help prepare you and your baby for your trip home. Our specialists will help to ensure that the transition from hospital to home life is comfortable and that mom and family can easily tackle and handle the challenges that will present themselves in that all important first month home. 

How to Prepare for Mom and Baby’s Home Arrival

Our dedicated prenatal specialists are on hand to help with nursing stations, baby attire and gear, self-care, sleep spaces and even which diapers are best suited to your little one’s needs.  We want to share important insight with all our clients on some of the most important things you need to have set up before baby comes home. 

  • For starters, be sure you have a safely installed car seat for your newborn to leave the hospital with.  The dedicated prenatal specialists here at Riverside Medical Group highly recommend you assemble and install your newborn car seat a few weeks in advance of your due date, perhaps about the time you would pack your bag for the hospital.

  • Next, be sure that you have a comfortable and safe sleeping space in your room to accommodate your little one and keep a close eye out on them while they sleep.  Our dedicated team of prenatal specialists highly recommends co-sleeping for the first 6 months of your newborn’s life. This minimizes your baby’s risk of SIDS and provides mom and dad with all the confidence and security they need as well.   A bassinet or pack and play may be the ideal option for you. 

  • One of the most important preparations for baby’s arrival at home is that of a nursing station.   A nursing station helps desperately with the transition from hospital feeding to home feeding. Not only do we suggest you consult with our team of breastfeeding specialists here at Riverside Medical Group, but you want to get yourself excited about breastfeeding as well.  Understanding the health benefits of breastfeeding and how your newborn child will benefit, helps you to remain focused on this all-important mom and baby time. Your nursing station should begin with a comfortable nursing chair, a nursing pillow and some soft lighting. Additionally, include nipple cream, chap stick, water bottle, reusable breast pads, burping cloths and mom’s favorite snacks.  Be sure you have water and high protein snacks on hand so you don’t become too hungry or dehydrated and lack the energy needed to nurse your little one. You don’t want your milk supply to become depleted and find yourself with a shortage of milk supply for your baby. 

  • An important preparation for baby’s arrival at home is that of a convenient and comfortable diaper station.  Having a changing station set up and ready to go, and one on each floor of the house if applicable, makes for a happier baby and mom too.   The last thing you want to have to do when you first arrive at home is to fret and fuss with setting up a comfortable and practical changing/diaper station.  Also, be sure you have stocked up on newborn diapers, so you don’t find yourself faced with the task of having to run out to purchase or frantically order online a new supply on top of all your new ‘at-home’ mom tasks. 


Bottom Line

Giving birth to your little one is one of the greatest experiences you will have in a lifetime and surely you want to be able to properly provide for your newborn.  With that said, following these simple tips above will help ensure that both you and baby are prepared and ready for that first exciting trip home from the hospital.  Be sure to reach out to the prenatal specialists here at Riverside Medical Group with all your questions, your concerns and your newborn baby’s needs. Our team of dedicated physicians and specialists stands ready to meet your every need.