Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

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Heart disease is by far one of the leading causes of death in the United States for both men and women.  It is important for individuals to take necessary steps to lower their overall risks of heart disease. There are a number of healthy habits you can practice in order to prevent the occurrence of heart disease.  Here at Riverside Medical Group our team is on hand to offer insight and knowledge needed to understand the overall risks of heart disease and steps you can take to minimize those risks.

Eat a healthy Diet 

When you eat healthy foods, you contribute to a lower risk of heart disease. Foods that are low in saturated and trans fats, sugar and salt will contribute to a healthy heart diet.  High-fiber foods are essential to a healthy diet and include whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Some fats that are contained in olive oil and various types of fish should also be incorporated into your healthy diet.

Engage in Daily Activities 

Adults require at minimum one and a half hours of aerobic activity per week, whether walking, biking, jogging, dancing or the likes.  

Maintain a Healthy Weight

 Individuals who are obese or overweight are at an increased risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Those who are overweight, when losing 10-15 pounds, can lower the overall risk of heart attack. 

Reduce Stress In Your Life

Managing the stress in your life will help to prevent a number of health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, and even depression.  Meditation and various types of breathing exercises and yoga, are ideal options to help you relax your mind and body and successfully manage your stress. 

Controlling Your Blood Pressure / Cholesterol Levels

It is important to have your cholesterol checked at least every 4 years and your blood pressure checked regularly since high blood pressure typically has no obvious signs or symptoms and both contribute greatly to the onset of heart disease.  

Quit Smoking

Simply put… stop smoking!  In addition, you should avoid contact with secondhand smoke as well and never allow guests in your home to smoke in your living space.

Consume Alcohol in Moderate Amounts

If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages you should limit your alcohol consumption.  It is recommended that women should limit alcohol to one drink a day and men to two drinks per day. 

Indicators You May Be at Risk for Heart Disease

Everyone is faced with the potential risk of heart disease.  However, there are a number of indicators and poor health habits that can increase your risk of heart disease including:

  • Eating an unhealthy, unbalanced diet
  • Having high cholesterol levels
  • Having high blood pressure levels
  • Smoking
  • Being obese or overweight
  • Not being physically active

The Dedicated Professionals You Can Trust

Here at Riverside Medical Group our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in providing only the highest quality treatments and services to all our valued patients.  If you are concerned about heart disease, or have any other medical issues, be sure to reach out to one of our staff members and schedule your free consultation today.