After-Hours Access

After-Hours Doctors Access

As a complete “Medical Home” for your child, Riverside Pediatric Group is conscious of the fact that children do not always fall ill conveniently during “office hours”. In order to provide Riverside Pediatric Group families with true piece of mind when it comes to their most valuable treasure – their child – Riverside Pediatric Group has the longest hours of operation and access to your Pediatrician in the country. With the most accessible care of any practice, Riverside Pediatric Group is able to minimize ER visits, as well as parental anxiety; while maximizing patient care quality and convenience.


Our Secaucus office is OPEN EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR (including weekends and holidays) FROM 8:00am UNTIL 10:00pm.  ALL RIVERSIDE PATIENTS may access our Secaucus office, particularly for sick visits during after hours and on weekends and holidays. Our Union City and 609 Washington Street, Hoboken offices are open 7 days a week and all other offices are open 6 days a week.