Coronavirus Screening Protocol

COVID-19 Services

Riverside is committed to delivering the best care to our community. During this time we want to assure our patients that we are fully prepared to handle Coronavirus cases as we adhere to vigorous practice health and safety protocols. In addition, Riverside is offering both COVID-19 virus testing and antibody testing to all patients. 
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What Tests are Available for COVID-19?

There are two main tests to help find out if you have the COVID-19 virus now or if you may have had it in the past. 

COVID Diagnostic Test – The first “swab” test is a diagnostic test to determine if you have COVID-19 now. The test is done with a swab that takes a sample of mucous from the nasal passage. 

COVID Antibody Test – The second test is known as antibody testing (also known as “serology”), which determines if you have already had the virus.When someone is infected with a virus, the body reacts by producing antibodies (cells that fight illness). Antibody tests, also known as serology tests, look at a patient’s blood to see if antibodies can be found. The antibody test that Riverside offers is a blood test that determines if you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus and whether or not your body has reacted to it. The COVID-19 antibody test measures the level of coronavirus “IgG” antibodies in the bloodstream. These antibodies appear approximately two weeks after the onset of infection or when someone was exposed to or got sick from COVID-19.

NJ Corona Virus Doctor

Do You Need COVID-19 Virus Testing?​

Testing is available to any Riverside patient who is experiencing COVID-like symptoms or those who require testing to return to work. In order to receive testing, you must be evaluated by a Riverside medical provider first.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath) or have been exposed to COVID-19 and need to see a medical provider, please contact our office for an appointment prior to arrival.

COVID Serology Antibody Testing

Serology testing is available to asymptomatic patients in any of our office locations.

Riverside COVID Command Testing Centers

Secaucus, NJ 
714 Tenth Street Secaucus NJ 07094,
(201) 863-3346

Medford, NJ
69 North Main Street Medford, N 0805
(609) 953-9000

Hoboken, NJ
14th Street (between Jefferson St. & Madison St.)
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 863-3346

Safety Protocols

Fighting the COVID pandemic involves many efforts ranging from community efforts like scientific research to individual actions like washing your hands and wearing a mask. One of the most important things we can do as an individual and part of a community is take care of our health.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has prompted people to put off visits to their doctor out of fear. While we at Riverside have done our best to accommodate patients with Telemedicine, there are obvious limitations.

It is vital that our patients do not forgo one aspect of their health out of fear for another. In particular, we do not want the parents who entrust us with the health of their children to skip important visits like vaccination shots, check-ups, and more.

In-office visits for things such as check ups, treatments and diagnostic procedures are all necessary to properly take care of your health.  Diagnosing and treating any illness early and following treatment plans keep you as healthy as possible and the healthier you are the better we can fight COVID.

But COVID is scary. Would coming to our office mean putting you or your family at risk?

No, thanks to our COVID-SAFE Initiative


We have implemented very strict sanitation, screening, and testing protocols to ensure our offices are some of the safest places to be. Even safer than your own home.

COVID-SAFE Intiative


  • Anyone who enters our clinics MUST wear a face mask.
  • Everyone who enters our offices MUST sanitize their hands – we have multiple hand sanitizer dispensers throughout all of our offices.
  • Our staff MUST wash/sanitize their hands after each patient and every hour.
  • Our staff wipes down and sanitizes all surfaces every hour and patient rooms are fully sanitized after every patient. These are all logged and noted.
  • Our staff is equipped with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) at all times to ensure their safety and yours.


  • Patients and staff are screened for COVID symptoms before they arrive to our clinics.
  • Patients and staff are screened again at arrival for symptoms and get their temperature checked with a no-touch thermometer at the door.
  • Our staff and providers are tested for COVID on a weekly basis to maintain COVID-free integrity of our offices.

Social Distancing 

  • Routine visits such as treatment follow-ups, prescription refills, and check-ups are scheduled on separate days from visits where patients need to come in because they’re not feeling well.
  • Appointments are scheduled to ensure that there aren’t other patients in the waiting room, minimizing contact.
  • Telemedicine appointments will be scheduled whenever possible to keep as few patients as possible in our offices.
  • Patients who are sick with non-COVID related illnesses are scheduled on a limited basis to keep them apart from routine visits.
  • We will not allow any other visitors to accompany patients for their visits unless absolutely necessary, such as patients with disabilities.
    • For pediatrics we will do our best to limit to one parent/guardian.

Pre-Operative COVID Testing For Surgical Patients

  • Routine visits such as treatment follow-ups, prescription refills, and check-ups are scheduled on separate days from visits where patients need to come in because they’re not feeling well.
  • Asymptomatic (symptom free) patients will be tested for COVID with either:
    • Rapid Test at one of our COVID Command Centers within 24 hours prior to scheduled surgery
    • Or a viral PCR test no more than 72 hours before surgery.
  • Any scheduled procedure on a patient who tests positive for COVID shall be postponed.
    • Instead, patients will be scheduled for follow-up care with their Primary Care Provider via Telemedicine.
    • Patients who test COVID positive must be symptom-free for at least 14 days and will then be re-tested for COVID.

Schedule an Appointment Today 

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to the virus and need to see a medical provider, please contact us today to set up appointment. You can reach our Care Coordination Center by phone at 201-863-3346 or email us at [email protected]