Baby’s First Winter:  How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

Baby’s First Winter: How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

newborn and mom outside in winter

If you’ve recently taken home your new baby and are genuinely concerned about how to care for your baby during the winter months, the team here at Riverside Medical Group wanted to share some important tips on how you should give proper care to your newborn baby in the frigid winter cold. 

Important Tips for Baby’s First Winter

Wash Your Hands Often

The winter months are the time of year for many colds and the flu.  Washing your hands frequently and perhaps using a hand sanitizer in between hand washings before you touch your newest family member will help to prevent you from passing along any germs you may have to your newborn baby.  Be sure if you have family and friends that will be visiting your newborn that they adhere to the same protocols you are following so as to minimize the risks of your tiny newborn contracting a cold or flu.

Breastfeed Your Precious Newborn 

The best way of boosting your newborn’s immunity and keeping germs and infections at bay is by breastfeeding.  We highly recommend you breastfeed your newborn baby for at least the first six months of his or her life. Don’t forget that Riverside medical group offers free breastfeeding classes every month. 

Keep Your Newborn’s Bedroom at Warm Temperatures

Throughout the bitter winter season, it is important that your baby’s room is kept comfortably warm.  Be sure there are no open windows, not even a crack, especially in the evening hours. You want to ensure that there is no cold air entering your baby’s nursery at any time of the day during the winter months but that the room has adequate ventilation.  

Dress Your Newborn in Warm, Comfortable Garments

When indoors during the winter months, be sure that your little one is dressed warm and comfortable at all times, even if that means putting little mittens on their hands to keep their hands from getting cold.  Be sure that they have footsies, or socks on at all times so they feel completely cozy and snuggly warm.

Adhere to Baby’s Vaccination Schedule

Be sure to never skip any of the required vaccinations for your baby.  A vaccination schedule keeps your baby safe from all types of germs and diseases that make their presence known in the winter months.  If, however, your baby does miss a vaccination be sure to contact one of our pediatricians and find out when the vaccination can be administered.

Avoid all Those Baby Creams and Products

During the winter months your baby’s sensitive skin will be robbed of its moisture as a result of the very cold and dry weather and temperatures.  With that said, you should avoid a good many baby products including shampoos, body washes and baby soaps during this challenging time of year. Because of the dry, cold air, your newborn may very well develop a variety of rashes resulting from the dryness.  It is best that you give your baby just a simple water bath routinely during the winter season. If you want to use a baby soap, only use it once per week until the cold weather temperatures are gone.

Improve Baby’s Circulation with Regular Massages

In the winter months to improve your baby’s blood flow and even their immunity, you can massage your little one with olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil in a nice warm room.  

Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin

One of the easiest and best newborn baby tips during the winter months is that of pampering your newborn with mild baby lotion to keep their delicate skin soft and supple during the bitter winter season. 

Maintain the Humidity with a Humidifier

In the winter time you may find that you have to keep an extra heater in your baby’s room.  If that is the case, be sure to use a humidifier as well to maintain the humidity levels in the nursery and keep the baby’s skin from getting overly dry. 

Schedule an Appointment 

These important tips will help to ensure that your newborn baby is safe and healthy throughout the frigid winter months.  If, however, your baby becomes ill or develops a cold, be sure to reach out to the team here at Riverside Medical Group and schedule an appointment with one of our highly reputable doctors as soon as possible. Visit our pediatric locations page to find the nearest pediatrician for your new baby.