Tips to Prevent the Flu or Common Cold

Tips to Prevent the Flu or Common Cold

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Cold and flu season is here so the team here at Riverside Medical Group want to arm you with some expert tips on how to stay germ-free and prevent the common cold and flu.  Our team of medical experts have weighed in on these important, useful tips on a variety of ways you can avoid contracting a cold or the flu this season. Here are 7 of our top tips to follow.

 7 Tips to Combat the Cold and Flu Season

Avoid Touching Your Face

Germs typically make their way into the body by way of your eyes and nose which is why it is important to avoid touching your face in your efforts to minimize your chances of getting a cold or contracting the flu.

Wash Your Hands Often

Every time you shake a person’s hand be sure to take time out to wash yours.  When you wash your hands with soap and run them under water you dilute any germs that may be present and send them down the drain and out of your home’s atmosphere. 

Keep Your Hand Sanitizer Ready

We can’t always have easy access to a sink with soap and running water so be sure to keep a trusty bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer within easy reach. 

Get a Flu Shot Routinely

As we all know, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommend that all people over the age of six months get a flu shot every year.  It is recommended that you get your flu shot before the month of November which is when the flu season typically starts up. We offer free flu shots here at our Riverside Medical Clinic.  

Get Plenty of Sleep

When you don’t get a good night’s sleep and your body is tired, it is unable to fight off illnesses as easy as it would with regular sleep patterns.  We strongly recommend that individuals get at least 8-10 hours of sleep per night in order to maintain necessary germ-fighting strength.  If you experience abnormal sleeping patterns or bouts of insomnia, know that Riverside Medical Group has Sleep Medicine Specialists that can help determine the cause of your sleeping habits. 

Steer Clear of Those Who Are Sick

Whether family, friends, strangers or work colleagues, be sure to keep a safe distance away from those who are sick with a cold or the flu.  If it is necessary to interact with someone who is infected with the flu, such as a family member, then be sure to be vigilant in washing your hands often and keeping your hands away from your own face. 

Avoid Sharing Your Food

Nobody likes a double dipper and especially not one who has cold or flu symptoms.  These folks can easily pass germs to those individuals who eat with them. The best way to avoid consuming germs, is to avoid altogether those common snacks everyone likes to share.  In addition, avoid sharing your drinks with others as well to minimize your chances of sharing germs.

Make an Appointment with Riverside

Here at Riverside Medical Group our team of professionals are dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality medical services to all our patients.  Flu season is here, so visit one of our New Jersey Pediatricians or Adult Medicine specialists today to receive a flu shot.