Podiatrist Bayonne NJ | Foot Doctor

Podiatrist Bayonne NJ | Foot Doctor

Riverside Medical Group offers the best foot and ankle treatment in Bayonne NJ. Your feet, legs, ankles, and the general leg structure are more important than you think. Anyone who loves dancing knows that you need good leg and foot health, and a sprained ankle can take you out of commission for a long time. With the help of a Podiatrist, you can get right back to dancing. Our expert team of specialists can take care of your foot problems and help you recover quickly and fully.

How can a Podiatrist help me?

Podiatrists study the health and diagnosis of disorders relating to the foot. Foot and ankle specialists have a wide range of knowledge and choosing the right solution for you to mitigate ankle sprain, foot pain, other foot problems, and aid in foot care is important.

What are some common problems a podiatrist can help with?

A foot doctor can help with ingrown toenail treatment which can become infected and harm the foot. They can also help with bunions, and thickening of tissue around the toes that causes pain, stinging, burning, and numbness. Almost anything relating to the foot, a skilled foot doctor can take care of.

Runners can also experience a problem with their feet that causes heel pain. The first few steps are often the most painful.

Do I need to have surgery?

Not all foot problems are solved with surgery, though some often are. The thickening of the tissue around the toes can be simply treated with shoe inserts or wearing low heeled shoes.

Hammertoe is a foot deformity that relates to a toe joint having a strange bend. This can be fixed also with shoe inserts and exercises prescribed by a Podiatrist. Sometimes if the common treatments do not solve the problem, a surgery is necessary and a trained podiatrist can help you.

Ankle sprains also do not generally need surgery and can heal with time, care, and sometimes a cast. The amount of the strain will tell what the treatment will be. You may need to ice your ankle, but in rare cases, cartilage damage to the ankle will require surgery. If you have chronic instability on an injured ankle, the ligaments that help your ankle may not have healed properly, and you may need surgery.

If you are concerned about foot pain, you can come and visit Riverside Medical Group’s foot and ankle specialists in order to find the cause of your pain. Because foot health is incredibly important.

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