Riverside Medical Group Team

Experienced, Caring Providers throughout New Jersey

In order to deliver the most comprehensive care, Riverside Medical Group has a unique patient care model structured with you at the center, and multiple layers of administrative and medical staff for support. Every office employs medical assistants, nurses, and board-certified physicians to ensure the delivery of only the highest level of health care.

In order to make your experience with Riverside as pleasant as possible, we also utilize a patient care coordinator, responsible for overseeing overall practice operations and addressing any specific issues that our patients may have.

Adam Atoot, Adult Physician
Adel Nammour, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Agnieszka Golabek,  Nurse Practitioner
Angelica Sorisi, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Anjum Chatha, Adult Physician
Basil Abdeljaber, Adult Physician
Beomseok Oh, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Beth Greenwood, Family Physician
Craig Sorkin, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Daniel Elber, Family Physician
Daniel Fabius, Family Physician
Donna Wilcox, Family Physician
Edson Pineda, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Elena Nirenberg, Family Physician
Elizabeth August, Family Physician
Elizabeth Simon, Adult Physician
Foram Desai, Adult Physician
Gabrielle Kulik, Family Nurse Practitioner
Gaurang Brahmbhatt, Family Physician
Heidi Rojas, Family Nurse Practitioner
Irina Levin, Family Physician
Isaac Zaki, Family Physician
Iyad Baker, Family Physician

James Holton, Family Physician
Janice Lampago, Physician’s Assistant
Jennifer DeJesus, Family Physician
Jessica Barbosa, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Jessica Taubman, Family Physician
Jessy Thomas, Adult Physician
John Waldron, Family Physician
Joseph Hickey, Family Physician
Joseph Levin, Adult Physician
Jossie Murray, Family Nurse Practitioner
Julie Hammond, Family Physician
Julio Urena, Adult Physician
Justin Brackenrich, Family Physician
Kelli Peters, Physician’s Assistant
Kelly Cavanaugh, Family Nurse Practitioner
Krista King, Family Physician
Kyle Viola, Physician’s Assistant
Leah Webster, Family Nurse Practitioner
Lee Elber, Family Physician
Leena Jacob, Family Physician
Lori Kitts, Family Physician
Luis Correa, Family Physician
Mabel Trigoura, Family Nurse Practitioner
Maria Kristen Arce-Fung, Nurse Practitioner
Marwan Assaleh, Adult Physician

Mauricio Demelo, Adult Physician
Mayra Crespo, Family Nurse Practitioner
Melissa Sinrich, Family Nurse Practitioner
Michael Renzi, Family Physician
Michael Wiener, Family Physician
Mona Aboulnaja, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Muhammad Ahmad, Adult Physician
Nagarani Ramasubramaniam, Physician
Norma Mann, Family Nurse Practitioner
Peter Higgins, Physician’s Assistant
Rebecca Martz, Family Physician
Reinerio Rodriguez, Family Physician
Ruchika Sethi, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Salman Mamji, Doctor of Medicine
Samih Abbassi, Adult Physician
Sanan Levin, Adult Physician
Sho Park, Family Nurse Practitioner
Shontelle Berfet, Physician’s Assistant
Sofya Shapiro, Physician’s Assistant
Tahera Ali, Adult Physician
Uma Duvvuri, Adult Physician
Veronica Pineda, Adult Physician
Victoria Miles, Family Nurse Practitioner
William Furey, Family Physician
Zoraida Bautista, Adult Nurse Practitioner

Abbassi Saeed, Pediatrician
Anca Tomsa, Pediatrician
Anis Bhatty, Pediatrician
Anwar Al-haddawi, Pediatrician
Aparna Bhamidipati, Pediatrician
Ashmita Monga, Pediatrician
Aurea Tobias-Quiroz, Pediatrician
Ayesha Mahmoud, Pediatrician
Azzam Baker, Chief Executive Officer
Basil Bruno, Pediatrician
Beata Meszaros, Pediatrician
Bernadette Walsh, Nurse Practitioner
Chitra Sethi, Pediatrician
Chuala Parikh, Pediatrician
Clara Lee, Pediatrician
Concepcion Borja, Pediatrician
Dora Suldan, Pediatrician
Elizabeth Mathew, Pediatrician
Elliott Samet, Pediatrician
Fehintola Ogunsakin Nurse Practitioner
George Azzariti, Pediatrician
Grace Huang, Pediatrician
Hal Sitt, Pediatrician
Heena Rathod, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Hela Barhoush, Pediatrician
Indeya Fletcher Nurse Practitioner
Irida Suarez, Family Nurse Practitioner
Irwin Benzel, Pediatrician

Jarrod Kucharski, Pediatrician
Jeani John, Pediatrician
Jeffrey Levy, Pediatrician
Joanna Iskowitz, Pediatrician
Karen Rossi, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Khalid Anam, Pediatrician
Kirsten Martinko Nurse Practitioner
Lonna Yegen, Pediatrician
Lorrie Vece Pediatrician
Maria Mena, Pediatrician
Marina Velickovic, Pediatrician
Mario Szuchman, Pediatrician
Marisa Daly, Family Nurse Practitioner
Mely Mathew Pediatrician
Mercy Otieno, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Mona Gothi, Physician’s Assistant
Nadia Hamdi, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Nagi Eltemsah, Pediatrician
Naheed Karim, Pediatrician
Naimat Bokhari, Pediatrician
Nana Yenukashvili, Pediatrician
Neil Kolsky, Pediatrician
Nermine Doss, Pediatrician
Nina Cavalli, Pediatrician
Noel Bansil, Pediatrician
Nydia Hernandez-Santana, Nurse 
Omar Baker, Pediatrician
Osama Moshet, Pediatrician

Raksha Gupta, Pediatrician
Reginald Coleman, Pediatrician
Reny Joseph, Family Nurse Practitioner
Richard Marcus, Pediatrician
Rosario Calero-Bai, Pediatrician
Sadrul Anam, Pediatrician
Samantha Mucha, Pediatrician
Sara Raymond, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Sarwat Azhar, Pediatrician
Sharon Pagan, Family Nurse Practitioner
Sheeba Ben, Pediatrician
Shrinidi Mani, Pediatrician
Stephanie Corpron, Nurse Practitioner
Sunita Patel, Family Nurse Practitioner
Sunita Satwani, Pediatrician
Terri Smith, Pediatrician
Trupti Patel, Pediatrician
Uttama Taneja, Pediatrician
Veronica DaSilva, Nurse Practitioner
Vineeta Pathak, Pediatrician
Virginia Azzariti, Nurse Practitioner
Wamiq Jadun, Pediatrician
Wilson Delgado, Pediatrician
Yaira Sehgal, Pediatrician
Yasmine Thomas, Nurse Practitioner
Zeyad Baker, Pediatrician

Andrey Silkov, HRH Adult Hospitalist
Christina Dooley, HRH Pediatric Hospitalist
Cristina Garcia O’Rourke, Adult Hospitalist
Daniel Akpalu, HRH Pediatric Hospitalist
Grace Candelario, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Gulnara Rubinshteyn, Pediatric Hospitalist
Hersh Goel, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Inna Miroshnichenko, Pediatric Hospitalist
Jean Claude Andre, Family Hospitalist
Jose Sabogal, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Lela Miloseska, Physician’s Assistant

Mary Busto, HUMC Adult Nurse Practitioner
Maureen Glennon, Adult Nurse Practitioner
Michele Javadpoor, Nurse Practitioner
Mohammad Tehranirad, Adult Hospitalist
Nabil Dahrouj, HRH Hospitalist
Nadeen Wain, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Nancy Cozzini, HRH Pediatric Hospitalist
Patrick Khoo, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Petr Tsonovoy, HRH Adult Hospitalist
Ramaswamy Parameswaran, HRH Pediatric Hospitalist
Ronald Cally, HRH Pediatric Hospitalist

Salman Mamji, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Samir Zaina, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Samuel Banigo, HRH Adult Hospitalist
Sandeep Shah, HRH Pediatric Hospitalist
Sarah Park, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Seyed Ghanefar, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Syed Sirajuddin, HUMC Family Hospitalist
Tanya Blanch, HNMC Adult Hospitalist
Valeria Kleshchelskaya, HRH Hospitalist
Yana Golubitskaya, HRH Adult Hospitalist
Zaheer Husain, HNMC Adult Hospitalist


Annie Zeb, Podiatrist
Bo Shin, Podiatrist
Dae Sik Alex Kim, Podiatrist
Joseph Buttigheri, Podiatrist
Lenny Ramirez, Podiatrist
Marie Shin, Podiatrist
Matthew Welch, Podiatrist
Michael Perlman, Chief Podiatrist
Sana Trovato, Podiatrist


Bahar Hadjiesmaeiloo, Chief Psychiatrist
Catharine Shalhoub, Physician’s Assistant
Ida Kenna, Psychotherapist
Leticia Gonzalez, Clinical Social Worker
Rebecca Siegel, Clinical Social Worker
Syeda Hasan, Psychiatrist


Felix Dailey-Sterling, Cardiologist
Frank Evans, Cardiologist
Jaffar Raza, Chief Cardiologist
Jose Santana, Cardiologist
Khaula Khalid, Cardiologist
Umesh Katdare, Cardiologist
Victor Mazza, Cardiologist
Yevgeniy Latyshev, Cardiologist


Ayman Abdel-Wahab, Gastroenterologist
Eyad Baghal, Gastroenterologist
Hyman Kirschenbaum, Gastroenterologist
Jun Shim, GI Family Nurse Practitioner
Khadija Toor, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Kindra Rigby, GI Adult Nurse Practitioner
Niren Jasutkar, Gastroenterologist
Sameer Dhalla, Gastroenterologist


Heather Cohen, Audiologist Narine Azoyan, ENT Nurse Practitioner Ronald Low, ENT Physician Sayani Niyogi, ENT Physician Shari Reitzen-Bastidas, ENT Physician

Sleep Center

Bankim Shah, Adult Physician
Keith Dixon, Sleep Physician
Lourdes Flaminiano, Sleep Physician
Mayra Rodriguez, Sleep Nurse Practitioner


Evelyn Kraut, Pediatrician
Mark Weinstein, Chief Allergist
Robert Klein, Allergist


Edward Krisiloff, Orthopedic Physician Stephen Schneider, Orthopedic Physician

Pain Management

Anthony Sifonios, Pain Physician
Vanny Le, Pain Management Physician


Michael Guma, Chief Rheumatologist Sushama Mody, Rheumatologist


Richard Guma, Chiropractor


Sergio Racanati, Optometrist


Ghassan Wardeh, Adult Physician

Physical Therapy

Janki Joshi, Physical Therapist