Mental Health During the Holidays

Mental Health During the Holidays

Happy Family During Holidays

The holidays, as wonderful and rewarding as they are, also tend to stress many people out and are often referred to as the most pressured time of the entire year.  Holidays are indeed a hectic time of the year for most people since everyday life continues to have its typical demands, while the challenges of the holidays are added to the daily schedules.  

The holiday season tends to add its own level of responsibilities and activities that require a commitment of not only money and time but that of emotional energy as well.  For many people holiday gatherings, though intended to be filled with happiness, joy and love, are simply a setting for those ugly political arguments, unpleasant conversations, and even family conflicts, all of which can weigh heavily on both your mental and physical health. 

Strategies for Maintaining Your Sanity and Mental Health During the Holidays

Here at Riverside Medical Group we want to share with all our clients some helpful strategies to keep your mental health in check during the holidays. 

  • Accept People for Who They Are – We all know who the family Scrooge is, which family members are going to have a bit too much to drink, and who is apt to say something inappropriate.  With that said, remember they are who they are and just because it is the holiday season does not mean that they are going to change who they are. You need to simply find a way to reduce the impact they can have on your life by putting your time and your energy into those family members who easily share happiness and love and those you truly enjoy spending time with.  Give focus to the positive folks and avoid the negative. 


  • Make Sure to Enjoy the Season – It is easy to spend all your holiday time decorating your home, shopping for the perfect gifts, baking everyone’s favorite Christmas cookies, and wrapping all those countless gifts.  It is important that you take time each day to enjoy the season itself. Perhaps take a stroll down Main Street and embrace the beautiful lights and the town Christmas tree. Or maybe taking an evening drive to simply take in all the beautiful homes decorated in your neighborhood and nearby.  Whatever makes you smile, be sure to take time out and truly enjoy the season!


  • Reach Out to Family and Friends – Being alone at the holidays is a surefire formula for stress and unhappiness.  With that said, take time to connect with nearby family members and friends and perhaps schedule a luncheon together or a holiday activity that celebrates the beauty of the season.  Attending mass during the holidays and visiting with parish members at the morning coffee gathering may be a perfect solution for you.  Or perhaps you might like to donate your helping hand at the local soup kitchen and get yourself into the proper holiday spirit. Whatever you choose, remember that being in a happy environment with other festive people is a perfect way to combat that feeling of loneliness.  



How true it is that the holiday season can be overwhelmingly busy, but it shouldn’t be allowed to impact our mental health and simply drive us crazy.  But rather, we should all give focus to minimizing the stress levels and increasing the joyous and happy moments. Truly the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others during the hectic holiday season is that of a heartfelt smile and simple peace of mind.  Here at Riverside Medical Group we want to send along our heartfelt wishes from our family to yours for a safe, peaceful, and happy holiday season!