Medicare Annual Election Period

The Medicare Annual Election Period is Oct.15–Dec. 7.

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It’s the time of year to review your Medicare plan choices. Now through December 7, you can schedule a no-cost health care review with an independent, licensed Medicare expert.* It’s an opportunity to compare Medicare choices, evaluate health care costs and help you find plans that your current Riverside doctors accept.

As you explore your choices, you’ll see that a Medicare Advantage plan could help you get better care at lower costs. Depending on your situation, you could save on health care costs. Medicare Advantage plans cover everything Original Medicare does, plus it also gives you:

· All-in-one plan. Medicare Advantage combines hospital care (Part A), medical services (Part B), and prescription drugs (Part D).

· More coverage. Many plans offer vision, dental, hearing, and more.

· Maximum savings. You can save more than $1,500 with Medicare Advantage over Original Medicare.1

· Lower copays. Many plans offer low or no copays for virtual visits, primary care visits, lab tests, and hundreds of prescriptions.

· Wellness resources. Many plans offer additional benefits to help keep you healthy, like gym memberships and mental health visits.

Ready to Learn More? 

To learn more about Medicare Advantage:

Call 1-888-215-9813, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. to speak with a licensed insurance agent in your area, review your health insurance plan options, and get your questions answered. 

You can also Email 
[email protected] to be contacted by a licensed insurance agent. Or, visit to learn more.

*A licensed insurance agent
Better Medicare Alliance. State of Medicare Advantage. July 2020.
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