Scott D. Hayworth, MD, FACOG

President, Optum Tri-State

Stephanie Arteta-Corpron, RN

Chief Nursing Officer, Riverside Medical Group

Debra Bierman

VP Human Capital, Optum
Chief Human Resources Officer, Optum Tri-State

Gaurang Brahmbhatt, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Riverside Medical Group

Kevin J. Conroy

Executive Vice President and Financial Market Leader, Optum Tri-State

Marilyn Emerson

Vice President, Revenue Cycle, Optum Tri-State

Maria E. Hale, PsyD, MBA

Chief Patient Experience Officer, Optum Tri-State

Matthew C. Kamen

Senior Director of Strategic Analytics and Development, Optum Tri-State

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly

Chief Value Officer, Optum Tri-State

Kimberley Lazar, Esq.

General Counsel, Riverside Medical Group

Amit Mody

Chief Operating Officer, Riverside Medical Group

Donna Montalto

Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications, Optum Tri-State

Richard P. Morel, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Optum Tri-State

Alyssa Pepper

Senior Vice President
Managed and Value Based Care, Optum Tri-State

Rodney Plante, PhD

Chief Information Officer, Optum Tri-State

Chris Sclafani

Chief Operating Officer, Optum Tri-State