Keeping Safe This Fall Season

As summer comes to a close and fall makes its presence known with its shortened days and brisk nights, it’s an important time of year to create a task list of safety measures that need be applied to your home and family.  When the weather changes it not only impacts people’s health, but it impacts our homes and surroundings as well. With that said the team here at Riverside Medical Group want to share with all our clients some important safety tips to allow for a fun, healthy and safe Fall season.

Fall Wellness and Health Safety Tips

From a wide range of illnesses and all types of injuries that occur with changing weather conditions during the fall season, it is critical that you protect your health and the health of your family members as well.

How to Fight the Flu – The flu, as we all know, is a very contagious illness that has a direct effect on the throat, lungs, nose, ears and sinuses.  Preventative steps you can take to combat the flu include washing your hands regularly, avoid coming in contact with individuals who are sick, and be sure to always wear adequate attire when outdoors such as coats, gloves, hats and scarves.  Here at the Riverside Medical Group we also encourage our clients to get a yearly flu vaccine, which can protect you against all the complications and symptoms of the flu. If, however, you fall victim to the flu this year, be sure to reach out to one of our highly experienced primary care physicians at any one of our clinics who can provide you with proper care and treatment and advise you on the steps you should take to recover from the harmful effects of the flu.

What Out For Those Seasonal Fall Injuries – Everyone delights in the beautiful, colorful fall leaves that, though tiresome to rake up, offer a bit of grace and charm to our homes and properties.  An autumn wind can sweep piles of shimmering beautiful leaves across our yards requiring homeowners to invest a good deal of time, energy and effort into the cleanup of fall leaves.  Often times raking, piling and bagging leaves can result in injuries, including back and foot injuries as well as muscle pulls and strains, for those faced with the challenge of cleaning them up.  Here at Riverside Medical Group we have a few important safety tips for you to follow to help prevent injuries.

For starters, always begin the task by stretching your muscles, much like you would do when preparing for a workout.  Be sure, when raking, that you use a ‘stand up straight’ position to minimize the pressure and stress you can put on your lower back, your legs and your feet.  Finally, perform your raking in 10-15-minute intervals, taking breaks in between time to allow for a simple relaxation time.For those homeowners who opt to use a leaf blower rather than manual raking, we strongly advise you to wear adequate clothing to protect yourself from injuries that could potentially occur.  Heavy material shirts, jeans, walking boots, protective eyewear and gloves are all essential when looking to prevent injuries and protect your body parts, whether your feet, eyes, hands, back or other sensitive areas of your body.  If you are injured when raking or blowing your leaves, whether you encounter a back injury, foot injury, a muscle pull or stain of any type, be sure to visit the team here at Riverside Medical Group who can offer you all the care and treatment you need for your injuries and discomforts.  From back specialists to certified podiatrists, we have surely got you covered.

Bottom Line

Fall is truly a time for lots of fun and excitement for families, which is why we want to encourage all our valued clients and their families to put these simple, practical safety tips in place to ensure a safe Fall season ahead. If you find yourself in need of medical attention this Fall, whether injuries, illnesses, or flu symptoms, be sure to visit Riverside Medical Group, where our patients are always our number one priority! We have dedicated primary care physicians throughout New Jersey. Schedule an appointment with one of our Pediatricians or Internists.

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