Prenatal Classes

Free Prenatal Class at Ridgewood Riverside Medical Office

FREE PRENATAL CLASS – JUNE 16, 2018 – 9am to 12pm –  RIDGEWOOD, NJ
The most popular comprehensive childbirth class in the NYC metro area…. for FREE! This class is designed to minimize your apprehension about the birthing process. Experienced instructors will help you understand labor and birth using the best of various methods, including Lamaze. 

Your Prenatal class will cover: 

  • What to expect during each stage of labor and birth
  • When to leave for the hospital
  • Coping techniques: relaxation, massage, and partner support
  • Medical interventions and procedures
  • Pain relief options, including epidural usage
  • What you need to know about cesarean birth and prevention
  • Newborn procedures in your hospital
  • What to expect at your home with your newborn and basic newborn care
  • Answers to your questions about vaccinations and newborn safety

REGISTER HERE for the FREE prenatal class in Ridgewood – June 16th, 2018