ENT Doctor Secaucus NJ | Otolaryngologist

ENT Doctor Secaucus NJ | Otolaryngologist

Riverside Medical Group offers the best Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and audiology treatment in Secaucus NJ. Your ears, nose, and throat are important as they are functions that allow you to sense and understand the world. To be at your best sensory level and should be well taken cared of. Our specialists can help evaluate and address concerns relating to hearing.

What are some common ear problems?

Tinnitus, hearing impairment, and vertigo are some common ear problems that an ear, nose, and throat doctor can help you with.

Tinnitus is a ringing that seems to come from within your ears and can make it hard to concentrate. This may make it hard to sleep. The delicate follicles within your ear that allow you to hear can be damaged from loud noises easily and there are treatments to aid in the reduction of symptoms.

Hearing impairment is also especially important, and one of our specialist that practices in Audiology can help get your hearing back.

Vertigo also relates to the ear, although it affects balance. Vertigo Treatment is especially important. There is a liquid within your ears that regulates how to mediate yourself in space, much like a construction worker uses a leveler. If this is damaged in some way, you may experience vertigo when moving up or down, or get quite dizzy.

What’s the difference between an Otolaryngologist and an Audiologist?

An Otolaryngologist and Audiologist are both specialist that have complete knowledge of the ear, nose, and throat. Otolaryngology focuses on the study of treating ear, nose, throat, and mouth diseases. Audiology focuses on the health of the ear. You may think of your Audiologist as a ‘sound’ doctor and your Otolaryngologist as an ‘ear’ doctor.

Hearing, smelling, and speaking are fundamental senses that help you live a better life. We can aid in your sensory recovery and offer treatment with a specialized doctor, specifically an Audiologist, for particular hearing related concerns.

Within the Riverside Medical Group’s Audiology branch here in Secaucus, NJ, you can be expected to be treated by only the best Audiologists and Otolaryngologists to aid in your path to better hearing. If you find you have ringing in your ears or are suffering from hearing loss or balance impairment, schedule your appointment today with one of our in house experts and start hearing the beauty of sound again.

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