Dr. Zeyad Baker – Leave of Absence effective July 26, 2018

Dear Beloved RMG Family,

Dr. Zeyad Baker, M.D., F.A.A.P. will be taking a leave of absence from clinical duties effective July 26th 2018.  He will be working in an administrative capacity with a healthcare organization in NY that is an affiliate of RMG.  Among his initiatives will be bridging RMG’s reach into NY through this relationship and offering a continuous and more expansive geographic footprint. In the immediate term this allows those patients that move from NJ to NY to have an RMG-affiliate as a Medical Home, as well as access to physicians in NY when visiting and in need of one.  The goal is to ultimately be able to leverage the multi-state successes into a seamless Patient Experience for NY/NJ residents given the mobility of this subset of patients (i.e. moving from one state to the other, living in NJ but working in NY, having immediate family in one state and extended family in the other, etc.).  This move is first and foremost a continuation of the Baker Family’s lifelong mission of leading organizational innovation and excellence in healthcare delivery.

There are over 90 Pediatric providers available at RMG.  Specifically for the patients in the community Dr. Zeyad Baker has served, the following providers have very similar styles and practice within the same community.


Dr. Hela Barhoush – 232 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ


Dr. Jeanie John – 74 Oak Street, Ridgewood, NJ


Dr. Hal Sitt – 714 Tenth Street, Secaucus, NJ


Dr. Nermine Doss – 714 Tenth Street, Secaucus NJ


Based on your residence, please feel free to schedule your appointment with the most convenient provider from the choices listed above, or those on our website.


“My hope is to soon be able to resume practicing medicine within proximity of my patients.  Until that time comes, I am fully confident that my colleagues at RMG will continue to deliver the highest quality of care to my patients of the last 10 years.  There is no greater privilege I can imagine than to be trusted with the care of someone’s child.  All parents stop living for themselves and start living for someone else once they have children – it has been this living for others the past 10 years that has made my career not a job but a fulfillment of the deepest kind.  This sense of service to others that has allowed me to take the next step in the journey that started when my father opened our first Pediatric office 40 years ago in Hudson County, NJ.  The opportunity to reach more providers and their patients with the mission of delivering uncompromising quality and unparalleled access through the most compassionate means is why I am taking a break from clinical medicine.  You have allowed me to be a part of your family, a privilege unlike any other; it is with the greatest respect for this trust that I am comfortable passing on the care of your family – my family – to my colleagues at RMG.”  -Dr. Zeyad Baker, M.D.



Communications Director and Patient Liaison

Tamara Hejab

Email: [email protected]


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