Cardiology North Arlington NJ | Heart Doctor

Cardiology North Arlington NJ |  Heart Doctor

If you are looking for the best cardiology specialists in Arlington NJ, Riverside Medical Group is a great option. Picking a skilled Cardiologist is incredibly important. Your heart doctor can work with you to attend to your needs and help to make your heart healthy again.

The causes of the blockages that might lead to heart disease are due to plaque that builds up within the tunnels that lead to your heart. A skilled Heart doctor can use these various tests to determine if you are at risk for a number of heart related complications. This plaque may contain calcium, fat, and other substances that restrict blood flow. Whatever the causes, it need to be identified as soon as possible. Seeing a Cardiologist if you have questions is an important first step towards a better heart, and a better you.

Further Testing May Be Required

Sometimes after an initial interview further testing is necessary. If you feel that your pain signals that something is ‘just not right’, it is important to see a trained Cardiologist.

EKG Test. An EKG can be used to check for electrical problems within your heart muscle, much like a diagnostic program on your computer.

Doppler Tests. A Carotid Doppler can also be used that will examine the possibility of blockages. This uses sound waves, as does the Venous Doppler. The difference between the two is that the latter examines your veins, and the prior relates to your carotid artery—the main artery in your neck. Another type of ultrasound test is often used, known as an Arterial Doppler. This test examines the arteries in your legs or arms.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening. AAA Screening refers to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening. Aneurysms effect the aorta, a major blood highway, within your abdomen. When the Aorta becomes enlarged there are generally no symptoms, though sometimes abdominal or back pain can be present.

EECP Therapy. EECP Therapy can benefit people who suffer from angina, and a specialized heart doctor can aid you in this outpatient program to ease your symptoms.

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Schedule an appointment with a trained Cardiologist if you think you may be at risk and are having symptoms, or are just concerned about your heart’s optimal health, . At Riverside Medical Group’s North Arlington, NJ branch, we take your heart concerns very seriously because we know your heart is where your health is.

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