Cardiology | Bayonne NJ Heart Doctor

Cardiology | Bayonne NJ Heart Doctor

The Cardiology Center of the Riverside Medical Group’s, Bayonne, NJ branch has your heart’s health in the forefront of our minds. Picking a skilled doctor is important and we aim to serve you in the best possible way to aid and mitigate heart disease with techniques such as a Cardiac Work-Up, Echocardiogram, and Nuclear Stress Testing. A skilled doctor like our specialists can help you on your way to a healthier heart, and therefore, a healthier body.

Facts About Your Heart

Your heart is a muscle that is both electrical and mechanical. This may sound strange, but the heart acts on impulses sent through the electrical pathways and are regulated by the brain, much like a computer. Blood is pumped and oxygen is transmitted through the blood stream.

It is ultimately your core source of energy. In a healthy heart, the blood vessels around the heart muscle supply blood rich in oxygen to keep things running smoothly.

In a heart suffering from a heart attack or heart disease, a blockage can occur, and the flow of the blood to the heart muscle is reduced or stopped in a way that prevents your well working machine from functioning properly. If you are concerned about symptoms, seeing a Heart Doctor on all matters of the heart can work wonders.

The Journey to Recovery

Only through careful testing can a heart doctor anticipate any necessary future steps. During the first interview with one of our skilled practitioners, you will be asked a series of questions about your symptoms or complaints.

A physical exam, or a Cardiac Work-up, will be done. If a trained Cardiologist has found little concern about heart disease, no follow-up testing is necessary.

Sometimes during these exams further testing is needed for clarity. The Echocardiogram, mentioned earlier, uses ultrasonic waves to show what exactly is happening within your most important of organs. An automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICD) may also be used to monitor your heartbeat after a work-up.

Your Heart doctor will communicate with you the steps necessary to return to optimal heart health.

It is very important to seek a doctor if you feel concerned about heart disease symptoms. Our skilled Cardiologist staff at Riverside Medical Groups, Bayonne, NJ branch can evaluate your needs. The heart of the matter in all this, is that the heart matters.

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