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Secaucus, New Jersey  

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The most popular comprehensive breastfeeding education class in the NYC metro area....FREE! Breastfeeding is an amazing opportunity for you to bond with your new little one. Breast milk gives your baby more than just good nutrition. It also provides important substances to fight infection. Breastfeeding has medical and psychological benefits for Mommy and baby. For many mothers and babies, breastfeeding goes smoothly from the start. For others, it takes a little time and several attempts to get the process going effectively. Like anything new, breastfeeding takes some practice. This class will give you the knowledge needed to make you more comfortable with breastfeeding as well as the opportunity to ask questions to a Licensed Lactation Consultant, all free of charge to you!

Your Breastfeeding class will cover:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby
  • Ways to prevent engorgement
  • Preventing nipple damage
  • Proper positioning
  • How much breast milk your baby needs
  • When you know the baby has had enough
  • How to make the breastfeeding experience a success for you and your baby
  • Answers to all your breastfeeding questions!
  • Answers to your questions about vaccinations
Partners are welcome to attend this 2 hour breastfeeding class as they will be the great support during this time. However, they are not expected to come!
Who should attend? When should we attend?

Each reservation guarantees you two seats for the class. We offer the same educational opportunity to expectant mothers and their partners. Ideally, between weeks 32 and 34 of your pregnancy is the perfect time to take a class. If you’re very close to your due date, please call us to see if there are cancellations in an upcoming class where you might fit in.

How much does the class cost?

Nothing! Riverside Medical Group offers this one-day class free for expectant parents; we will also provide free lunch or dinner. We encourage participants to reserve their seats as early as possible, as many families will want to take advantage of this opportunity and space is limited.

How do I reserve a spot?

Fill out the registration form here. For any other questions contact email or call Janice Charles, RN BSN at 201-552-2333.


"This class was extremely helpful. The child birth educator calmed all my anxieties and answered all my questions"

Susan, Class attendee

"The class covered everything that I expected. I appreciated the guidance and the instructor answered all my questions. The Pediatrician's question and answer session was extremely informative and helpful."

Jessica, Class attendee

“This was such a great class and really opened my eyes to topics I was unsure about. I didn’t think we would be covering so much useful information in such a short amount of time. We were both hesitant about attending a childbirth class but are now so happy that we did!”

Lindsay, Class attendee

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Director of Prenatal Education

Janice Charles


Breast Feeding Educator

Danielle Kelly



Prenatal Educator

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Prenatal Educator

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Prenatal Educator

Kim Hinton


Breastfeeding Educator

Pamela Hunt