Attending a Prenatal Education Class

Attending a Prenatal Education Class

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For mothers to be, pregnancy can be every bit scary as it is rewarding.  If you are uncertain what to expect with your pregnancy and labor, then the Prenatal Education Classes we offer here at Riverside Medical Group are the perfect option for you.  Our team of dedicated professionals encourages patients who are preparing for childbirth to attend our prenatal classes in their efforts to have a greater understanding of their pregnancy, their labor and their delivery.

The Benefits of Prenatal Education Classes

Prenatal classes help to reduce fear and anxiety that many new mothers to be experience during pregnancy.  From pregnancy phases to labor and delivery, our prenatal classes cover it all. In addition, our informative classes help new parents to understand parenthood and adapt a whole lot easier to life with their precious new baby.  

Additional benefits of our prenatal classes include increased confidence for women with regard to labor and birth.  Classes educate new moms and repeat moms on the benefits of breastfeeding, help them to manage their very own expectations, and also help moms to be to be able to better communicate with their maternity caregivers.  

Yet another benefit of prenatal classes is the simple fact that they allow you to interact and connect with other parents and parents to be.  It can be quite helpful and even comforting to talk with others who are going through the same experience, fears, anxieties and emotions you are.  We often find that parents who connect in prenatal classes go on to be lifelong friends and acquaintances.

Prenatal Education Class Agenda

Prenatal classes here at Riverside Medical Group will include each of the following:

  • What women should expect during each stage of their labor and birth process;
  • Insight on breathing techniques;
  • Specialized coping techniques that include massage, relaxation and partner support to name a few;
  • Information on how to know when it times to head to the hospital;
  • Insight on medical procedures and interventions;
  • Important facts you should know about cesarean birth and its prevention;
  • Data on pain relief options available, including the use of epidurals;
  • Facts about newborn procedures while in the hospital;
  • What parents can expect when they bring their newborn home;
  • Important tips on newborn care; 
  • Baby Basics that include how to hold a baby, proper sleep positions and other important topics; and
  • Answers to any questions you may have about newborn safety, vaccinations, breastfeeding and any other topics of interest to the new moms to be.


Who Should Attend Prenatal Classes?

Many people are under the impression that prenatal classes are just for new moms.  However, this could not be farther from the truth. Even repeat parents, when attending prenatal classes, walk away having learned something new and valuable.  Since each and every pregnancy and birth is unique, and things don’t always go the way you plan, being able to manage expectations and having insight on what can, will and could happen, is beneficial to all parents, whether new moms or repeat moms. 

In addition to all the topics we have listed up above, attending prenatal classes allows moms to be and couples to interact with those healthcare providers and doctors that may very well have a significant role in their labor and their baby’s delivery.  When you meet healthcare providers, it is important that you ask any questions you may have and discuss any concerns. You may want to ask the anesthesiologist detailed questions about the pain relief options available to you and what the side effects, if any, are.  When you take time out to talk about your concerns with the providers you allow yourself the time needed to digest all the data and make informed decisions.

Riverside Medical Group – Dedicated Professionals Who Really Care

If you are going to be a new mom, or even if you are a repeat mom, why not take advantage of our free Prenatal Education Classes we offer here at Riverside Medical Group.  To register for a class simply fill out the registration form on our site  We look forward to making your childbirth experience a truly knowledgeable and rewarding one!