We endorse the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended immunization schedule. However, we are also a vaccine-friendly practice. We can work collaboratively with you on an alternative schedule for your child.

Please see the recommended immunization schedule from the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines below. Click here to download this chart in PDF format.(opens in new window)


Hepatitis B1st2nd<<3rd>>Catch Up
Rota Virus1st2nd3rd
H. Influenza (Hib) *1st2nd3rd4th
DTap*1st2nd3rd4th5thTdapCatch Up
Varicella (Chicken Pox)1st2ndCatch Up
MMR1stIf not immune2ndCatch Up
Influenza (Flu)1stYEARLY >> >> >> >>>>>>>>
Hepatitis A1st2nd
Meningococcal1st >>Catch Up
Tuberculin Test1st2ndTime
HPV1st >>Plus 2m, 6m later


* Please note the Hib, DTap and Polio vaccines are given in a single combination vaccine.


For parents interested in a modified immunization schedule with non-combination vaccines, please see the modified immunization schedule below:


Hepatitis B1st2nd<<3rd>>Catch Up
Rota Virus1st2nd3rd
H. Influenza (Hib)1st2nd3rd4th
DTap1st2nd3rd4th5thTdap RosterCatch Up
Varicella (chicken pox)1st2ndCatch Up
MMR1stIf not Immune >2ndCatch Up
Influenza1st>> YEARLY >> >> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hepatitis A1st2nd
Meningococcal1stCatch Up
Tuberculin Test1stTime2ndTime
HPV1st >>Plus 2m, 6m later