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New Jersey Cardiologists Dedicated to Your Health

New Jersey’s Riverside Medical Group office has great cardiologists who can help everyone with their heart-related issues. In order to manage what you’re going through, we will take the time to create a professional healthcare plan because we care about you. Our cardiologists are expertly trained, and can answer any questions you may have about your health. Contact the New Jersey office if you’re concerned about your health plan.

Our New Jersey Practice’s Approach

We have helped thousands of patients and plan to help thousands more. The guiding principle of our New Jersey office is prevention before cure and that early detection is the best form of prevention. Your heart doctor will create a custom health plan regarding your heart including a screening schedule along with any recommended treatment. 

In New Jersey, believe an ongoing relationship between patient and cardiologist will create exceptional care, and as such we want to be lifelong partners in health. Our staff can provide you the care you need in a stress-free, friendly environment with heart specialists who are dedicated to your health. We educate you on how to promote a healthy lifestyle and listen to any questions and concerns you may have to achieve our goal of making you healthier.


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Non-Invasive Heart Testing & Treatment

People can suffer from heart disease when a buildup of plaque occurs in the vessels that lead to the heart, which ultimately restricts blood flow. We have experienced heart doctors here in our New Jersey office who are skilled in preventing, detecting, and treating a variety of heart diseases. With the help of different tests our doctors can screen patients and get them on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.

Stroke Screening
A stroke happens when blood flow to the brain is disrupted. This can lead to loss of speech, sight, and movement. We can help you determine whether you’re at risk and help you ward off an impending stroke.

Doppler Tests
To examine the possibility of a blockage in your body, you can use three Doppler test. The Arterial Doppler examines the arteries in your arms and legs in an ultrasound test, while the Cartoid Doppler and Venuous Doppler examine your cartoid artery and veins, respectively, through soundwaves.

EECP Therapy

EECP therapy is an outpatient program where a specialized health doctor can help you if you suffered an angina recently.

High Blood Pressure (HBP) Screenings
Kidney failure, stroke, heart failure and coronary heart disease are some of the life-threatening conditions that can be contracted by high blood pressure. Get a screening for HBP regularly and as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

EKG Test
An EKG can be used to check for electrical problems within your heart muscle, much like a diagnostic program on your computer.

Aneurysm Screening
Aneurysms affect the aorta (a major blood highway) within your abdomen and can be found through AAA Screening. An enlarged aorta usually shows no symptoms, but abdominal and back pain can be present.


We have convenient Cardiology locations throughout New Jersey. Our top-rated Cardiologist are your experts in heart care. 

We are able to provide you with optimal care with the help of our state-of-the-art medical equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. Our heart doctors can help you on your way to a healthier heart, and an overall healthier body. 


As a partner in your health, we offer more than just primary care. We work with many hospitals in the area to provide our New Jersey patients with immediate medical care. We are affiliated with surrounding hospitals (opens in new window) including: Holy Name Medical Center, Palisades Medical Center, CarePoint Health, Hackensack UMC, Columbia University, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, The Valley Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare System, Clara Maass Medical Center, and Jersey City Medical Center.

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Here at Riverside Medical Group in New Jersey, our cardiologists strive to provide patients with quality care. Our doctors and specialists believe in the importance of trusting relationships between the patient and their heart doctor, which is why each of our cardiologists take the time to explain tests, your diagnosis, and any treatment plans in-depth. Give our New Jersey office a call today to schedule an appointment and meet our team of friendly and experienced heart doctors and specialists.